Origins – 2014

Virtual Jagdfliegergeschwader 1 “Fritz Schmenkel” (JG-1) was formed in October 2014 by members of the JG1 community who were interested in creating an organized squadron to fly the modern aircraft found within Eagle Dynamics’ Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World).

The newly created virtual fighter wing was modeled after the historic East German unit of the same name.  The historic JG-1 served the Air Forces of the National People’s Army (Luftstreitkräfte der Nationalen Volksarmee – LSK), from 25 September 1952 to 2 October 1990.  It was honorarily titled “Fritz Schmenkel,” after a German communist and resistance fighter who fought with Soviet partisans in Belarus during the Second World War.  At the time of its dissolution, the historic JG-1 was the oldest East German fighter unit.

Evolution – 2014 to 2018

Virtual JG-1 is composed of three squadrons: North American-based I.Jagdstaffel (I.JS), European-based II.Jagdstaffel (II.JS), and III.Jagdstaffel (III.JS), which contains active reserve pilots.

Always designed to be a REDFOR (non-NATO “Warsaw Pact”) fighter wing within DCS World, virtual JG-1’s establishment coincided with the release of the MiG-21bis module, by Leatherneck Simulations / Magnitude 3.  JG-1’s first commanders, JG-1_Klaiber and JG-1_Britchot, always intended the MiG-21bis “Fishbed” to be the backbone of virtual JG-1’s online involvement. That said, great efforts have been made for virtual JG-1 pilots to learn and fly all “study sim” aircraft historically flown by the East German Air Force.  These also include, but are not limited to, the MiG-15bis, the MiG-19P, the MiG-23MLA, the Mi-24P, the L-39 Albatros, and the Mi-8MTV2.

JG-1 also actively flies and competes in events using the Mirage 2000C, the JF-17 Thunder (affectionately nicknamed the “Jeff”), and the F-14 Tomcat.  These are all aircraft that can be commonly found on REDFOR teams throughout the online community.

The Hunters from Cottbus – 2018 to present

To date, virtual JG-1 has competed in a number of online events.  Chief among these have been: WINGS 2018, hosted by 51st PVO squadron in conjunction with Splash One Gaming, TOP GUN 2019, hosted by 51st PVO squadron in conjunction with TAW and 104th Phoenix, and RED ALERT and RED ALERT 2, hosted by the Cold War Server in conjunction with the 104th Phoenix.  JG-1 has also participated in OPERATION BLUE FLAG Round 10 (August 2018), REAL WAR – Operation Moonlight (December 2018), multiple incarnations of the RED FLAG RUMBLE, hosted by 104th Phoenix, as well as OPERATION MELTDOWN, hosted by X-man and the 64th “Scorpions” Aggressor Squadron.