Formed in October 2014, virtual I.Jagdstaffel (I.JS) is currently composed of North American-based pilots.


Formed in April 2015, virtual II.Jagdstaffel (II.JS) is currently composed of European-based pilots.


Formed in April 2015, virtual III.Jagdstaffel (III.JS) is currently a training squadron.

Latest news and events

JG-1 “Fritz Schmenkel” – Operation Meltdown Finals (2 May 2020)

OpMelt Hornets

Operation Meltdown goes nuclear! Team Purple (JG-1 and TAW) defeat Team Yellow (No. 15 and 104th) to win Operation Meltdown!

JG 1 “Oesau” – Europe In Flames testing (Spring 2020)

EIF Stukas

The rumors are true! JG 1 is currently working on bringing a full scale “dead-is-dead” online tournament to IL-2 Great Battles!