Because JG Nr. I is a German online cyber-squadron, this Unit has adopted the standard Rank system of the World War One Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte, as it was used prior to November 1918. This provides the Geschwader with a system of grading seniority and command. 

All of JG Nr. I’s ranks can be divided into three basic categories:

Offiziere (Officers)

Within the Offiziere rank group, there are three specific classes: Stabsoffiziere (Field Officers), Hauptleute und Rittmeister (Captains) and Leutnante (Lieutenants).

Rittmeister (Rittm.)

A cavalry rank, it is comparable to an RAF and USAAS Captain. This is the rank of the Geschwaderkommandeur.

Hauptmann (Hptm.)

An infantry rank, it is comparable to an RAF and USAAS Captain. This is the rank of a Geschwaderadjutant, or a Jastaführer.

Oberleutnant (Oblt.)

Comparable to an RAF Lieutenant, or a USAAS 1st Lieutenant. This is the rank of a Geschwader officer or a Jasta Adjutant.

Leutnant (Lt.)

Comparable to an RAF Pilot Officer, or a USAAS 2nd Lieutenant. This is often the rank of a Jasta technical or operations officer.

Unteroffiziere (Non-commissioned Officers)

The second rank grouping are the Unteroffiziere (Noncommissioned Officers). German Noncommissioned Officer ranks are traditionally divided into two classes: Unteroffiziere mit Portepee (literally "Junior Officer with Swordknot") or Unteroffiziere ohne Portepee ("Junior Officer without Swordknot").

Fähnrich (Fähnr.)

Comparable to an RAF Ensign, or a USAAS Officer Cadet. A Fähnrich often acts as a Kettenführer.

Offizierstellvertreter (OffzSt.)

Comparable to an RAF Acting Officer, or a USAAS Warrant Officer.

Feldwebel (Fw.)

Comparable to an RAF Serjeant-Major, or a USAAS Sergeant.

Vizefeldwebel (Vzfw.)

Comparable to an RAF Vice-Serjeant-Major, or a USAAS Sergeant-Major.

Sergeant (Sgt.)

Comparable to an RAF Lance-Serjeant, or a USAAS Sergeant.

Unteroffizier (Uffz.)

Comparable to an RAF or USAAS Corporal.

Mannschaften (Enlisted)

The final rank group within JG Nr. I are the Mannschaften (Enlisted men or "Privates"). Roughly following the same basic structure as the U.S. Army Air Service within their flying ranks.

Gefreiter (Gefr.)

Comparable to an RAF or USAAS Lance-Corporal.

Flieger (Flg.)

Comparable to an RAF or USAAS Private. This is the rank of a Klasse A / B Kadett.